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Favorite comments from customers and colleagues: 

I just wanted to say thank you for your website.  I’ve worked with Crystal Reports for nearly 10 years now and every time I’m stumped on a formula or have an idea for a report your site has been by far my best reference. 
Ryan M - New York, NY
For what it’s worth I’m getting to understand your work method and am super impressed with your skills and methods.  You are “wicked” smart. 
Randall Baker, Guy M. Turner, Inc
Thanks again. If you ever need a reference, please use me. I am so pleased with your services and I am usually very picky.
Saul N. San Fransisco, CA
You are a magician when it comes to Crystal work !! Thanks for all your help today. 
Gene G. - North Brunswick, NJ 
Just wanted to pass on that you sir, are freaking brilliant! I've been wracking my brain trying to figure out what I wasn't remembering. I knew it had to be somewhere that came from you. Low and behold, you mentioned what I was looking for in this newsletter.
Without sounding even more creepy, you are my hero! K.E. Chesterfield, VA 
I just wanted to thank you for the help you provided to me. You sure are brilliant and know your stuff. I also am finding your example packs are simply the best. I'm going through all these reports and see so many examples that will be very useful to me.
K.R Manitowoc, WI
I did demo the report that used to take 45 minutes. When it ran in under a minute, the client said WOW! THANKS. I said 'Don't thank me, we both need to thank my consultant'. So thanks. - Christian Appalachian Project
I just have to write and say what a wealth of knowledge you are! I save all your newsletters and reference material, and I can’t tell you how many countless times I’ve referred to them for assistance. There truly is no one “out there” better than you (in my opinion), and I am glad to have you as a resource. So…. THANK YOU!
Amber Anten, Emerald Home Furnishings
Every newsletter is just the right length, the right content, and always concise and never a spelling mistake or unclear description, no jargon so all users can grasp it. There really is nothing like it anywhere.  N.H. Edinburgh, Scotland

THANK YOU!!! What you came up with is simply AWESOME!
SB, IT Manager, Prater Industries, Inc., Bolingbrook, IL
Hi Ken!  I've seen your name all over discussion boards and help documentation, and you are essentially "famous" to us Crystal developers. :) I downloaded quite a bit of your material and am very glad that these resources are out there! I appreciate you doing all that you do, and I definitely subscribed (already!) to your newsletter.  Thanks for being out there for us - you are a wealth of knowledge!  Amber A. Tacoma, WA 
Ken Hamady is the consultant that taught me everything I know about Crystal Reports.
He is amazing.  Orin K.  NY, NY

I can’t count the number of times I’ve found exactly the information I needed on your Crystal Reports blog.  Mary D. King County, WA
You really are amazing. How do you know all this stuff?
Thanks for your help. It works perfectly. JB, Fairfax, VA
I have folks on staff that can write Crystal, but when the going get's tough and I can see they are spinning their wheels my answer is always "Email Ken" - Alex I, Plymouth, MA
Thanks again, you can't imagine how much of a difference this will make to our production.
...Even non consecutive numbers with consecutive ones ran in less than a minute. Wow!
Dave W, Alexandria, VA
Thank you. It looks good. I was worried about your lack of ESC [application] experience, but your mad skills easily compensate for that. Very impressive. I will have lots for you to do.  -MW, Brooklyn, NY
st got in and reviewed your email - all of the data looks correct on the example PDF. Now I know why they call you the guru of Crystal reports LOL! - Jeffery Kaye, Scientific Cutting Tools
Brilliant!!!  You solved, in the most elegant way possible, several major challenges in creating this masterpiece.  - IM Erie, PA
The training went very well, and feedback from students has been positive overall. Very professional all around; we were lucky to find you guys. - JM Clifton, NJ
As a manager for GE Healthcare I reached out to Ken on numerous occasions for help designing my Crystal Reports. In each instance not only was Ken accommodating and professional, but I got the results I was looking for quickly. I have built on the lessons from Ken and referred to his online instructions regularly over the last 3 years. I fully intend to continue this practice for the foreseeable future. - Dan M. Oak Lawn, IL
Thank you so much for your prompt and on the mark responses. You definitely know your subject. It is good to have a dependable, knowledgeable resource available for Crystal Reports issues.
AH - York, PA.
"... I have learned more by working with you than I did in any of the classes I have taken for Crystal. Carolyn C. - Minneapolis, MN.