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Crystal Reports Training (On-Site)

Flexible on-site training, using your data:

Due to COVID-19 concerns and a long-term decline in requests for on-site training, I am currently offering live classroom training via Desktop Share. There are two options:

Virtual Classroom: If your students have 2 monitors (one to use and one to watch) and an adequate internet connection, I can provide training that is comparable to traditional classroom-style training - without the classroom.

Physical Classroom: If you prefer to have your students in a physical classroom, I can remote control the instructor's PC connected to your projector. The audio can be provide either by a conference phone speaker, or by student headsets connected to a conference call.

Each student receives:
1) My own course materials, with the written exercises used in class
2) My toll free number and my personal Email address for questions after class.
3) The exercise reports used in class.
4) A signed certificate of completion (only if requested before class starts)

Class options include:
The 12-hour Introductory class (see outline)
The 12-hour Advanced class (see outline)
The 18-hour Accelerated class, which combines both Intro and Advanced material in one class.

The cost is $180 per hour regardless of the number of students. Course books can be downlaoded for free from my Library page.
For more information call my office at (540) 338-0194 or Email me:

Individual Instruction:
If you are the only student who needs training, consider enrolling in my Protégé Program