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Crystal Reports Training (On-Site Classroom)

Due to a long-term decline in requests for on-site training, I am currently offering live classroom training via Desktop Share. There are two options:

Virtual Classroom: If your students have 2 monitors (one to use and one to watch) and an adequate internet connection, I can provide training that is comparable to traditional classroom-style training - without the classroom.

Physical Classroom: If you prefer to have your students in a physical classroom, I can remote control the instructor's PC connected to your projector. The audio can be provide either by a conference phone speaker, or by student headsets connected to a conference call.

Class options include:
The 12-hour Introductory class (see outline)
The 12-hour Advanced class (see outline)
The 18-hour Accelerated class, which combines both Intro and Advanced material in one class.

The cost is $180 per hour regardless of the number of students. Course books can be downlaoded for free from my Library page.
For more information call my office at (540) 338-0194 or Email me:

Individual Instruction:
If you are the only student who needs training, consider enrolling in my Protégé Program