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The Expert's Guide to Subreports, Parameters and Alerts

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Are subreports driving you crazy?  Do you understand how they work? Do you know when to use them?
Do you want your reports to tell you if target conditions are met or if errors exist in the report? 
Did you know that you can change almost any aspect of your report at runtime by using parameter fields?  

Why not let a master teacher walk you through these 3 important Crystal Reports topics.  I have explained these features to hundreds of students and my explanations and exercises  have been refined and rewritten through 10 years of teaching.  Let me share this experience with you through my new book,  The Expert’s Guide to Subreports, Parameters and Alerts

The material includes an in depth discussion of each feature, example reports that illustrate the techniques, and exercises that walk you through each step.  The exercises are the key.  They have been written to provide practical examples that are easy to understand and follow.  Also included are 6 relevant articles borrowed from my Expert Techniques for Crystal Reports series.   

The material is condensed into 36 no-nonsense pages and is backed up with 22 sample reports to demonstrate the techniques discussed in the material. The exercises provide keystroke by keystroke instructions to implementing each of the discussed features.  The material is applicable to  versions 8.5 to 14 of Crystal and the sample reports can be opened with any of these Crystal versions. 

I also provide Email support and telephone training on any Crystal Reports topic.  I charge $180 per hour billed in 15 minute increments.  This is a great way to learn Crystal technique, one-on-one, with a Crystal Reports expert.

The Expert's Guide to Subreports, Parameters and Alerts:

Parameter Fields:

Displaying a user entered title
Using parameters in the Select Expert
Adding default values in a Pick List
Allowing multiple values
Displaying the user selected values
Providing an "ALL" option with a multiple value parameter
Allowing a Range of values like a date range
Displaying the selected ranges
Dynamic pick lists
Dynamic pick lists with commands
Cascading pick lists
Parameters that control report formatting
Allowing the user to choose a summary report vs. a detailed report
Setting a minimum value to be highlighted
Using a parameter to change a calculation
Changing the Sort or Group based on a parameter
Finding a stray parameter in a report
Editable Interactive Parameters
Interactive Sort Controls


Adding a record level alert
Adding a group level alert
Using the "Show Records" button
Modifying Alerts
Prompting for the target values for Alerts
Showing the chosen target value in the Alert message


Overview of Subreports
Adding an Unlinked subreport
Editing subreports
Subreports with their own parameters
Linked Subreports sharing parameters
Linked Recurring Subreports
On-Demand Subreports and their captions
Passing a value from the subreport to the main report

Subreport Tips and Tricks: 
Marking subreports
Finding or listing the subreports in a report
The Stealth Subreport
Shared variable picks up the value from the prior subreport
Shared variable repeated when a subreport is blank
Keeping the Page Header from a subreport