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Instructions for Independent Study:

When you receive your books:

1) Suggested study method
Each Lesson in the book lists a corresponding exercise number and these exercises are found in the back of the book.  These exercises are the illustrations that I use in class to demonstrate the material.  I recommend that you read one lesson, and then follow the steps in the corresponding exercise.  I then recommend that you read the same lesson a second time after completing the exercise.  If you have trouble completing the exercise, or if it doesn't make sense, then you can use your prepaid time to either give me a call or send me an Email with a question.  I have a minimum response charge of 15 minutes so it probably makes sense to save up a couple of questions when possible. 

Once you have done the exercise in the sample data it is a great idea to try and adapt the exercises to your live data.  However, in most cases I recommend that you do each exercise in the sample data first.  The reason for this is that the exercises are designed to make the lesson visually obvious.  The results will work in your live data, but may not be as obvious.  If your installation of CR doesn't have the sample database I have instructions for downloading the data from SAP and also for setting up the connection.

2) Screenshots
There are no screenshots in the book. This makes it easier to cover multiple versions of Crystal Reports in the same book. I prefer step-by-step written instructions since a picture can only show you one point of a process.  My experience has been that while some people expect screen shots, few students actually miss the pictures when given clear, step-by-step written exercises.  My exercises are written so that you can complete them without an instructor.  If you have questions about an exercise, or feel it is unclear, please let me know.

3) Wizards
I use the standard wizard to create the first draft of most reports.  I do this in class and also when creating reports for clients.  All the functions of the wizard are covered as lessons in the material, including the corresponding menu item for each wizard function.

4) Quizzes
There are sample quiz questions on my web site's Other Links page if you want to test yourself.  If you want me to score you on the quiz you can download the answer sheet and send it to me.  I will send you back a score sheet with all the correct answers.

5) Remote Sessions
When you are ready for a remote session let me know.  I have a GoToMeeting account and can set up a session anytime.