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Frequently Asked Questions

1) I have some Crystal questions, will you answer them?
If you have attended one of my classes you are free to ask me questions by phone or Email.  I usually provide these answers at no charge.  If your question is really a consulting project then I will provide you with an estimate before I develop the answer.  If you are not one of my former students than you will be charged for any time I spend working on your answer.

2) What if it is a really simple question?
If I took the time to answer every question I received I wouldn't have time for anything else.  That is why I only answer questions for paying customers and former students.  If you don't belong to either of these groups, please don't send a question unless you are willing to pay for the answer.

3) Before I download one of your guides can you tell me if it will answer my question?
My guides are all free now, so you can look for yourself.

4) How much do you charge?
I charge $180 per hour billed in 15 minute increments.  For new customers I usually require a minimum initial purchase of 30-60 minutes, depending on the type of problem.  If you pay for time and don't use it all you can use the balance (in 15 minute increments) up to 3 years from the date of purchase. 

5) Can I get a refund on unused prepaid time?
Unused prepaid time is not refundable, but you can use it up to 3 years from the date of purchase.

6) Do I have to prepay before I even send you the question?
I like to screen the questions before you prepay to see if it is something I can answer.  Send me an Email that says  you are willing to pay for the answer.  Include a brief version of the question.  Individuals are usually asked to prepay using a credit card.  If your company is paying for my time I don't mind having them authorize me to bill rather than having you prepay.  See the button marked "Consulting " above for payment options.

7) What if you can't solve my problem?
I try to screen the questions before I take on a project so that I don't have disappointed customers.  However, it is not always possible to know the answer without research and testing.  It often takes some billable time to get a clear picture of a complex problem.  So, on rare occasions I have to charge for time spent confirming that something can't be done.

8) Do you give discounts for students / non-profits / bulk purchases?
I charge everyone the same rate, no discounts. 

9) Do you give fixed price quotes?
No. I can provide estimates on small project but my charges are always based on actual time used. 

10) If I send you some business will you pay me a referral fees?
I get plenty of work on my own so I don't pay referral fees.

11) What are the steps to saving a report with it's preview data?
I usually don't need your database to work on reports because in Crystal Reports you can save a report with its preview data.
    1) Open the report
    2) Preview the report and go to the last page.
    3) Include just enough data to make the report meaningful (I rarely need more than 2-3,000 records).
    4) Go to File-Report Options and put a checkmark in the option "Save Data with Report"
    5) Save the report.
    6) Test the report by closing it and reopening it. If it opens immediately into preview, then you have saved data.
    7) Send me the RPT file as an Email attachment.

12) What is your return policy?
    Hard copy materials: n/a These are now free
    Downloaded materials: n/a These are now free
    Consulting Time: Prepaid consulting time is not refundable.  

13) What is your privacy policy?
        I do not share my customers' contact information with anyone.  The only exception is for users who ask me to recommend a 3rd party product.  Whenever I Email information to a customer relating to a 3rd party product, I reserve the right to send a copy of my response to the companies I am recommending.  You can request that I not send this copy.

Some of my pages host Google ads and Google has recently joined with DoubleClick to provide "interest based ads".  I am not real crazy about this and have opted out to the extent that I can.  But apparently DoubleClick may still use cookies to track your browsing history and show ads on my site that are supposed to be of interest to you. This cookie does NOT track things like your name, address, email address, or telephone number.  If you would like more information on this or if you want to opt out of this tracking, click here to read Googles privacy policy.  It also helps to periodically delete all your cookies.

14) What is your shipping method and typical delivery time?
 All shipping is done by Priority Mail (USPS) unless another shipping method is requested (and paid for).   Priority Mail is usually delivered within 5 business days, and much sooner in many cases.