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Purchasing Crystal Reports Courseware:

I have taught over 2500 satisfied students in the past 15 years and I have always used my own Unofficial Guide to Using Crystal Reports. 
The 2 volumes (Intro and Advanced) are not fancy but I like using them better than anything else I have seen.

So what makes these books special? 
  • They focus on getting the students to understand the key concepts of reporting and the most common pitfalls, not simply where to click.  
  • They are bound with the printed pages on the left and a blank page on the right which makes it easy for students to take notes.
  • They are simple (single sided black and white text in a comb binding) which makes them an inexpensive alternative to the standard books.
  • Keystroke by keystroke exercises give the students lots of practice with each concept.
  • The lessons have been tested thoroughly in the Crystal sample data and can be easily adapted to the students data.
  • The  exercises are placed separately in the back half of the book, so they aren't in the way if you are using the student's data in class.
  • They do not contain screenshots.  This allows you to teach any recent version of Crystal with the same book. 
These materials are available in hard copy to instructors for $30 per book plus shipping.  Both books are aslo available for free in PDF format. They can be used and shared for free as long as they are not modified or sold.

You can view the Course Outlines for both Intro and Advanced here on my web site.  If you would like more information, click on the CONTACTS button above to get in touch.