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The Expert's Guide to Cross-Tabs in Crystal Reports

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Every student who takes my Intro class learns that Cross-Tabs are my favorite object in Crystal Reports.  They make it very easy to recap the data in one or several different ways.  Most of my students are amazed to see what cross-tabs can do, and yet most Crystal users never bother to figure them out.  And, if you are using CR v2008 or later then they have even more capabilities.  So, why not let a master teacher show you how to make Cross-Tabs work for you.  My explanations and exercises  have been refined and rewritten through years of teaching and thousands of students.  Let me share this experience with you through my book,  The Expert’s Guide to Cross-Tabs in Crystal Reports.

The material includes a detailed description of each feature, example reports that illustrate the techniques, and exercises that walk you through each step.  The exercises are the key.  They have been written to provide practical examples that are easy to understand and follow.  Also included are several relevant articles borrowed from my Expert Techniques series.  The material is condensed into 20 no-nonsense pages and is backed up with 20 sample reports.  The exercises provide keystroke by keystroke instructions to implementing each of the discussed features.  The material is applicable to  versions 8.5 through 14.1 and includes lessons on the new cross-tab features introduced in CR 2008.  The sample reports can be opened with any of these Crystal versions.  Most of the material can be applied to several older versions as well.

I also provide Email support and telephone training on any Crystal Reports topic.  I charge $180 per hour billed in 15 minute increments.  This is a great way to learn Crystal technique, one-on-one, with a Crystal Reports expert.

Outline of The Expert's Guide to Cross-Tabs in Crystal Reports:

Cross-Tabs Overview:
   Steps to create a Report-Level Cross-Tab  
   Making changes to a Cross-Tab  
   Having Multiple Cross-tabs in one report  
   Which sections can hold a Cross-Tab?   

Special Features of Cross-tabs:
   Group Sorting (TopN) within Cross-Tab
   Specified Order Grouping within Cross-Tabs
   Date Groupings within Cross-Tabs  
   Pivoting a Cross-tab
   Horizontal Pages  

Formulas and Cross-tabs:
   Using Formula Fields in Cross-Tabs  
   Customizing the Group Name by field or formula
   Conditional Formatting Formulas within Cross-tabs  

Customizing the Style:   

Charts that use Cross-tabs:   

How Other Report Features affect the Crosss-tabs: 
    The Select Expert
    Sorting and Grouping
    Group Sorting (TopN)

Manual Cross-tabs:   

Tips and Tricks:   
   Page numbers for Cross-tabs placed in the Report Header   
   Titles on Cross-tabs that spills onto virtual pages   
   Labels for each summary field in a single Cross-tab row  
   Reporting on data that isn't there
   Embedding Fields into the Total Text of a Cross-tab  

Addendum for CR 2008 and later:
   Adding calculated rows and columns (fixed positions)
   Adding calculated rows and columns (relative positions)