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"I've been reading your posts for years, and feel I owe you a debt of gratitude because I would not be nearly as skilled a Crystal developer as I am without the benefit of your willingness to share your vast experience."
Jennifer C. - Springfield, MO. 

 Archives for years 2005 - 2009:

Volume 2009.12
  • Surfing Gecko offers "all you can eat" viewer for $129
  • Selecting multiple objects (to copy or align)
  • Formula editor window disappears
  • Formula field tree that won't dock
  • Calculating a Distinct Sum at the top of the report (or) 
  • Building arrays WhileReadingRecords
  • Using Crystal Reports in VB.NET Express Edition
  • Other recent blog articles:
    • The Joel Test: 12 Steps to Better Code
    • New prices for mapping layers (zip/county)
Volume 2009.10

Volume 2009.09
  • Do-It-Yourself license audit from SAP
  • Master topic index for my guides
  • Rundown on 3rd party products
  • Save 25% on CR Chart
  • PeachTree finally allows SQL (OLEDB)
  • Cross-Tabs with multiple initial columns
  • Date parameters in a Command with DateTime fields
  • Other recent blog articles:
    • The 8-minute Crystal Reports program startup
    • Using Business Objects Query Builder
    • VB Express editions don't support CR integrationTroubleshooting Duplicate Records
Volume 2009.07
  • NEW - Expert Techniques Volume 4
  • Troubleshooting Duplicate Records
  • Converting seconds (Universal Time) to a DateTime value
  • IT World Canada weighs in on CR licensing
  • SAP/BO 2009 User Conference
  • Refreshing reports hosted on
  • Other recent blog articles
    • Formula trouble using "Integer Divide" (the backslash)
    • SAP users experiencing "performance" problems
    • Lawson structure documentation on the web
    • Changes in the BOCP registration process
    • CR2008 SP1 is incompatible with SP0
Volume 2009.05
  • Free DLL with new Crystal formula functions
  • Expert's Guide to Formulas updated for CR 2008
  • Make your Crystal Reports Pornography before you upgrade!
  • On-Demand Subreports that use saved data (no refresh needed)
  • Reporting on data that isn't there Part 2
  • Other recent blog articles:
    • Moving values backward in a report (Wormhole)
    • Showing wide cross-tabs in a subreport
    • Calculate your share of a billion dollar expenditure (US taxpayers)
Volume 2009.03
  • New license restrictions for Crystal Reports
  • Expert Techniques vol. 2 updated for CR 2008
  • New options for Web app developers
  • Finding old (and new) downloads on the SAP site
  • Reporting on data that isn't there Part 1 
  • Other recent blog articles
    • Mapping versions to Service Packs
    • Gag orders in software contracts?
    • Founder of Business Objects goes open source
    • Free DataDirect ODBC drivers v5.3 for CR 2008
    • CR 2008 SP1 is released
    • SAP 'fully integrates' Business Objects sales
Volume 2009.01
  • SAP resurrects the "screenshots" issue
  • Expert Techniques vol. 1 update for CR 2008
  • Using AutoComplete in Crystal Reports formulas
  • Shared variables from a suppressed subreport
  • Ranking based on a ratio
  • Other recent blog articles
    • Global variables fail in multi-page cross-tabs
    • Converting text to date or datetime
    • The original creators of Crystal Reports try again
    • More label printer problems
Volume 2008.11
  • Changes to CrossLoop TOS
  • Email hoaxes
  • Extra rows and columns in Excel export
  • Checking Dependencies
  • InnoScript/Inno Setup handle Crystal Reports dependencies
  • Overridden Qualified Table Names
  • Grouping by a non-calendar week
Volume 2008.09
  • Problems with SAP/BO support changes
  • Crystal Reports Server 2008
  • New viewer for Crystal Reports
  • Training and courseware on CR 2008
  • CR 2008 parameter features added to the "Experts Guide"
  • Temporarily ignoring the grid and guidelines
  • Using the Report Explorer
  • The effect of dashes on the VAL() function
  • Other recent BLOG topics
    • Updates to third party products
    • Crystal Reports Viewer 2008
    • CR 2008 doesn't like Zebra label printers?
    • Public classes using my 3-day accelerated format
    • Adding business hours/minutes to a start DateTime
Volume 2008.07
  • Article comparing the big BI vendors
  • Crystal Reports knowledge base moved to SAP support
  • Listing of free trials from Business Objects
  • Associate available for Business Objects Enterprise and CR Server
  • Cascading page breaks (page breaks on interior groups)
  • Multi-value parameters for commands and stored procedures
  • "Sticky" buttons for the Format Painter and other controls
  • Free PDF generators
Volume 2008.05
Volume 2008.03
Volume 2008.01
  • NEW - The Expert's Guide to SQL Expressions, Options and Commands
  • Things you wont find in Crystal Reports 2008:
    • RDC (COM) integration  
    • Xtreme sample MDB
    • VB UFL functions
  • BO price increases
  • The index that ate my data
  • Getting vertical lines to stop at the bottom of a group
  • Suppressing vertical lines based on a condition

Volume 2007.11
  • Crystal Reports 2008 (Version 12)
  • SAP purchases BO/IBM Purchases Cognos
  • Free Crystal Reports Viewer with scheduling and Email (Logicity)
  • Free Trial of "Mass Verify"
  • PDF eXPLODE fails on Vista
  • Coming - The Expert's Guide to SQL Expressions, Options and Commands
  • Create a formula library in Phrase Express
  • Free MICR font turns blank security paper into check stock (GnuMICR)
  • Store a value today and use it in a different report tomorrow (CUT Light/Share DLL)
Volume 2007.09
  • Understanding "named user" licensing for Crystal Reports 
  • The new Authorized Consulting Partner (ACP) designation
  • Spell check or "verify database" for a batch of reports
  • Don't rouse sleeping tables
  • Multi-page cross-tabs missing page numbers
  • Blog highlights:
        Crystal Reports admin position in Richmond
        Crystal Reports v8.x and Vista
        Crystal Reports Viewer XI officially released
        An Introduction to Eclipse for Visual Studio users
        Calculating periods in 5-4-4
        Printing check marks and other symbols from formulas

Volume 2007.07
  • Expert Techniques for Crystal Reports Volume III
  • User Group takeover attempt in the Detroit area
  • BO updates the Offline viewer
  • My favorite utilities 
  • Canadian holidays formula
  • New - Certified associates to teach your on-site classes
  • Free options for desktop sharing
  • Finding a stray formula or parameter in your report
  • ToNumber ()  vs Val ()
Volume 2007.05
  • Expert Techniques for Crystal Reports Volume III
  • User Group takeover attempt in the Detroit area
  • Launching reports from MS Access (VBA)
  • BO settles with Michigan former partner
  • $99 XI Upgrade offer extended
  • Independent Cognos instructor available
  • Using table inflation to generate multiple labels
  • Recent BLOG articles
    • Creating a Bill of Materials with Crystal Reports
    • Installing Crystal 7 on Vista
    • Creating VERY wide Crystal Reports
    • Help Beta test 2 new Crystal Reports utilities
    • New features of Visual Cut
Volume 2007.03
  • Expert Techniques for Crystal Reports Volume III 
  • Upgrade to Crystal Reports XI for only $99
  • Convert Crystal Reports to SSRS XML files
  • Recent BLOG articles
    • Daylight Saving Time this weekend!
    • Are you LinkedIn?
    • Oracle buys Hyperion
    • Crystal Decisions is back - BO Enterprise 'lite'
    • Crystal Reports Web App licensing & throughput clarified
    • Business Objects XIr2 wins a "prestigious" CODiE award
  • Help Beta test a new viewer
  • Side by Side running Totals give different values

Volume 2007.01
  • Email reports and other documents by "printing" them
  • Stop struggling with your reports, let me help
  • BO cuts off support for an independent consulting firm
  • I am now Ken Hamady, LLC
  • Business Objects acquires Nsite Software
  • My Library of Crystal Reports Guides
  • Linking tables vs Appending tables
  • Correction for Holidays formula
Volume 2006.11
  • Visit the Crystal Reports Underground BLOG
  • New Data Dictionary builder (MyDataDictionary) is released
  • Keep up with my BLOG via Email
  • New Associate Trainers in Vancouver/Seattle and Detroit
  • BO partners with IBM 
  • Recover a corrupted RPT File
  • Best FREE utilities recommended by Ian "Gizmo" Richards
  • Formula naming tips
Volume 2006.09
  • Visit the Crystal Reports Underground BLOG
  • Deploy Crystal on the Web using RippleStone
  • New Associate Trainers in Boston, Phoenix and Indianapolis:
  • Crystal Reports for Eclipse Update:
  • "Official" v8.5 support scheduled to end this month
  • A line that grows based on a condition
  • When "Repeat Group Header" won't repeat
Volume 2006.07
  • NEW - The Expert's Guide to Cross-Tabs
  • Depositions start this week in the BO commissions lawsuit
  • BO loses SAP as on OEM Reseller
  • Associate Trainers for Boston, NYC, Philly, Chicago, L.A. and Toronto:
  • BO starts to look at 'mid-size' business.
  • BO (finally) announces plans for Google OneBox partnership
  • Build a Data Dictionary, automatically from your reports
  • Printing "Continued on Next Page"
  • Date parameters in a command with DateTime Fields
  • One parameter for 2 different commands
Volume 2006.05
  • BO hosts free Crystal Reports portal
  • Google OneBox partners with Cognos, SAS, Oracle and FINALLY BO
  • Associate Trainers for NYC, Philly, Chicago, L.A. and Toronto
  • Former partner sues BO over commissions
  • Crystal extends support for older versions
  • New viewer adds scheduling and email distribution
  • Viewer that allows "in-place" drill-down and one-click resort
  • Setting section height numerically
  • Can't copy parameters in XI
Volume 2006.03
  • Crystal Reports XI and Cold Fusion
  • Update to my "Don't Pay Twice" Campaign
  • Buying Older Versions of Crystal
  • Mapping by County or Zip Code
  • Copying Objects Within a Report
  • Copying Objects to Another Report
Volume 2006.01
  • Crystal Reports Plug-In for Eclipse (released)
  • DC Area User Group Meeting
  • Crystal Reports for Eclipse preview release
  • BO Leasing Software
  • Crystal Excelsius
  • CUT and CUT Light now prompt for comments after the report is run
  • Crystal Translator 3.01
  • Conditional Drill-Down
  • Cross-tab percentages simplified
Volume 2005.11
  • Crystal Reports Plug-In for Eclipse
  • Course Books Available
  • An Independent Crystal Instructor in Canada
  • Crystal Reports for Eclipse
  • Updates on the "Don't Pay Twice" campaign:
  • BO Conference in November
  • Data Link Viewer 5.1001 with print scheduling
  • How to format a paragraph with a "hanging indent"
  • Online Faxing solutions
Volume 2005.09
  • Crystal Reports Plug-In for Eclipse
  • BO Loses Patent Lawsuit against Microstrategy
  • Updates on the "Don't Pay Twice" campaign:
  • BO Conference in November
  • Using Formulas that rely on Subtotals in your Cross-tabs
  • Chart on a Parameter Value

Volume 2005.08
  • The Expert's Guide to Totals in Crystal Reports
  • Crystal Reports Server XI for Linux
  • Security Vulnerability for XI Web Deployments
  • Updates on the "Don't Pay Twice" campaign
    • BO official response contradicts Dan Klein's letter
    • Article in
    • OEM classes to be targeted next
    • Crystal Experts weigh in at
  • Free Mailing Label templates from WorldLabel
  • Business Objects conference in November
  • No way to default TODAY for XI date parameters
  • Formula for finding the first and last day of a month

Volume 2005.07
  • Updates on the "Don't Pay Twice" campaign
    • Why I fight a policy that could increase my own revenue
    • DC Users Group responds in writing to BO's new policies   
    • Companies that have decided to ignore BO's new license fees
    • BO refuses to clarify the existing Crystal license   
    • Court ruling allows use of Screenshots without permission
    • Article in ITBusiness.CA about BO's new policy
  • Watch out for overpriced training manuals
  • Inexpensive Web Deployment using Reportal CR
  • A New MS Access Report Converter
  • Force groups to start on the odd page number
  • Suppress column headings on the last page when there are no details
  • New Page After" on group 2 orphans group footer 1
Volume 2005.06
  • BO attempts to restrict user group speakers
  • The "Don't Pay Twice" campaign to educate Crystal and Enterprise users
  • Business Objects Enterprise XI configurations and prices
  • Crystal Reports Server vs building your own application
  • Crystal Wizard official download
  • New XI features added to the Expert's Guide to Subreports, Parameters and Alerts
  • Eliminating extra rows and columns in Excel exports
  • Copying and pasting cross-tabs to Excel

Volume 2005.05
  • Are independent training and consulting license violations?
  • CDUGNA is no more
  • CrystalWizard was gone in v11, but is available again
  • Enhanced ODBC export in Visual Cut
  • More complaints about v11 parameters
  • Some tricks I learned from my students
Volume 2005.03
  • Crystal Reports Server
  • BO Enterprise XI
  • No Broadcast License?
  • Another complaint about CR XI
  • Another comparison of SSRS and CR
  • A formula that finds Easter for any year
  • An improved formula for getting the report file name
Volume 2005.02
  • Detailed list of new features in CR XI
  • Is CR/CE too expensive for small/medium size businesses?
  • Are independent courses/courseware a violation of BO's license?
  • A new comparison of CE and SSRS
  • Another free Bar-Code Font
  • .rpt Inspector 3 Enterprise Suite, and 25% off for my readers
  • Getting reports from spreadsheet data
Volume 2005.01
  • Highlights of Crystal Reports 11
  • The end of concurrent licenses
  • Expert's Guide to Subreports, Parameters and Alerts (New)
  • Selecting an ODBC Connection at runtime
  • Data Link Viewer 4.5001 Released